The Trendzer Story

Based in Edinburgh and operating internationally, Trendzer is a realisation of a dream that started back in 2001.

Thinking about SMEs

Trendzer’s founders have been focused on bringing a transactional web to SME businesses since the turn of the millennium.

That was back in a time when dial-up Internet ruled, a cloud was something in the sky, and eCommerce was something that big business did and agencies controlled.

The Trendzer vision was to bring eCommerce to small businesses who wanted it and help develop a transactional web.

As we have grown, the landscape has changed but we’re still thinking about innovative and relevant digital solutions for SME businesses.

Trendzer, 99 Giles Street, Edinburgh

About Trendzer

Trendzer is a market-leading provider of website, marketing, and cloud services in the SME space. We’re based in Edinburgh but operate throughout the UK, Europe, and North America.

We delight in developing long-term partnerships with our clients to provide meaningful, engaging digital products for their SME audiences. Trendzer has worked with thousands of companies, from small businesses who are ready to take their first steps online, to global brands and blue chips that are household names.

Whether it’s providing online marketing solutions, customer contact campaigns, or technical support, Trendzer is committed to Building Businesses Online. Contact us for more information on our platform and service wrap.


Our story

27th July 2001, Edinburgh. About lunchtime. A small business began with a big idea.

Our founders started out with the vision that SMEs should be entitled to great business websites that they could control and update to grow it alongside their business. They looked beyond just website design to weave together expert assistance on payment integration, professional content, SEO, and extensive training and support.

Over a decade later, we have taken all that knowledge, experience, and feedback to develop our own platform and service offering for small businesses called Trendzer. We're still passionate believers in a transactional, business web for SMEs, and we continue to develop our products and services to deliver it.

Trendzer’s people feel privileged and delighted to have been part of some amazing developments in the online space for SMEs since the turn of the century. Contact us to get involved in the exciting opportunities that lie ahead!

RSTO Clients

Trendzer is proud to have accomplished great achievements with many of the companies leading the development of business on the Internet.

We have worked directly with some of the industry’s biggest players and in partnership with major blue chips and their SME customer bases. These include household name telcos, traditional publishers, and financial sector solution providers.

Our products & services

The Trendzer team of experts
With our main European base in Edinburgh and operating internationally, we cover every stage of the SME's online journey.

Partner value

Whether you are a prospective affiliate, a future channel partner, or someone looking for a cloud website platform, we seek to add value to your customer base and provide outstanding service.


Our flagship product is an interactive website builder and marketing tool made for the modern mobile web. Trendzer was especially built from the ground up for the needs of SME businesses.

Cloud services

Cloud services and applications are rapidly changing the way that companies scale and grow their businesses. Trendzer is helping to drive and support this vital change.

Stay ahead of the crowd with a Trendzer introduction bundle of Microsoft Office 365, smartphone app and a responsive, business website.

You'll benefit from our complete Managed Service. Experience first-hand how easily your customers can consume their web presence and fully integrated cloud apps under your brand.

All we ask is that you are a cloud decision maker in your business, and you participate in our feedback program - sign up now and we'll be in touch to arrange your introduction pack!

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